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Get key phrases, highlights, summaries and data tables from multiple sites in one search. Enhance productivity.

PDF Files and Excel downloads

Texplicit also gives you PDF files retrieved by your search. And you can download all the information into an Excel file.

A history of your searches is retained for future reference.

About Texplicit

Texplicit organizes and structures your information for any topic you search on the internet. The app gives you highlights, summaries, key phrases, data tables and PDF files on the topic.

The app was developed by
Sprinriver Technology Private Limited (Spring & River™)

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Texplicit New Additions

Texplicit DX

  • Every organization soon builds up a large repository documents, which lie on different computers. Locating relevant documents when searching on any topic becomes a challenge.
  • Texplicit DX has the right solution to address this issue. Its AI based retrieval and topic modeling application is designed to assist organizations to improve productivity for any information retrieval process
  • Texplicit DX locates the source of the information and again uses AI to provide meaningful key phrases and summaries of the topics being researched

Texplicit Social

  • In a world where the customer is king, every organization is interested in knowing what customers, prospects and other associates are saying about the organization in social media
  • Texplicit Social is a tool which mines the social media world (Twitter and Facebook) and finds tweets and comments on an organization, its products, programs and its interface with the outside world.
  • Sentiment analysis is also done and the product also visually displays how sentiments have moved along time.

Texplicit Legal

  • Texplicit Legal is an AI solution which comes as a boon to legal companies. Case records inputted to this application get analyzed through NLP, categorized and stored to build a legal library. The solution has a query tool which can then extract relevant cases and list out relevant information from the extracted case histories
  • Information that this solution extracts from these case histories amply cover the requirements of lawyers looking for direction on how to proceed in their own cases. The following information is retrieved:
  • Metadata
  • Citations
  • Facts
  • Issues
  • Arguments
  • Holdings
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